“IGtalk Mic” | Where Is Your Favorite Place To Edit?


IG•TALK•MIC is a new feature that will allow Instagramers a chance to be heard on a larger platform. Questions will be asked, and you’ll give the answers. We’ll get to know each other better, we’ll grow from one another, and you’ll get to share with us all, a little more about your Instagram experience.

Today’s Question: Where is your favorite place to edit photos on your phone?

purewhitesugar On the subway… I have a long commute :)

hannahandersonn Laying on a bed or couch. But laying anywhere is my fave place to edit!

houseoffriedman Bed…always. Head propped on pillow, legs up, right crossed over left and a pint of IPA at my starboard side.

maxwelldone I usually edit while I’m walking somewhere haha. Not the safes,tbut it’s when I have time.

lec101 On the fly is my favorite. If I don’t like it immediately, it’s scratched. :)

elixir818 Beautiful… I love to grab a cup of coffee in the morning, prop my feet up on my desk and bang out an edit.

Photo By: @rollerodyssey

teresa_franco early in the morning while I’m having a fresh cup of coffee and a good breakfast. or i’ll edit a photo in bed while i’m getting ready to sleep and post it in the morning.

katieloumack I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t edited a few photos while in the restroom….Mostly, it’s on the drive home after an adventure, sitting in the passenger seat of course.

alexanderpavone after dinner, on the couch, feet up, baseball game on. most relaxing way to tackle an image :)

mamamcc I feel most inspired in the evening. I sit on a chair in the living room after the kids go to sleep. It’s my ahhhhh moment.

arielvillasenor #igtalkmic – Favorite place to edit… a quite place. Usually the couch once the day is done.


So, let’s hear it you guys. Where do YOU edit?? We’d love to hear your answers so leave us a comment!


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  1. lovetoclick says:

    @lovetoclick [IG] – Lying on a couch or on the bed, with headphones on, mostly during the night.

  2. At home, in the evening, sitting on my Egg chair. Or at home, in the early morning, sitting on my Egg chair…

  3. musicfanmic says:

    I edit from bed because my health is not good, and at many moments during quiet early mornings. I also enjoy having the television play some type of murder mysteries crime solving show in the background. After thinking back why this method and combination because there is a logic in this combination: I like knowing that no matter how difficult and mysterious the crime scene that there are 25 mistakes, some say, and details like a roadmap that say allot about the people involved in that crime scene. I look at photos the same way knowing that there is a way to edit that will tell the story of why the photography captured it that way. Photos are allot like a crime scene, an edit waiting to be solved.

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