Interview with Featured Instagramer: othellonine Part 1


Scott Rankin
IG Name: @othellonine
227 Photos
258 Followings
Simple things that my iPhone managed to capture.


1. How has your editing style developed over the past 6 months? Do you feel your editing choices change often?

I think it’s become more subtle. The discovery of the app Image Blender changed a lot of things for me. I find app filters are too harsh most times and blender allows me to control their amount. Vscocam was a game changer too. I usually go through the same steps for each photo. Snapseed – Cross Process – Vscocam – Blender.

2. What do you think of hashtag trends like #jumpstagram or #meditation_levitation?

I think they are fun way for the community to interact. There is always that point where they jump the shark though. I really enjoyed @moneal’s karate one and @thenosyt’s youre_it is pretty clever.


3. Is there anything this community is missing?

A better popular page

4. What image are you MOST proud of?

My shot of Tina, surrounded by fog, on the path in the woods.


5. Tell us the greatest part about living in your city.

The ocean and mountains are so close and accessible. It’s probably one of the greatest outdoor enthusiast cities in the world


People’s Choice — Questions for Scott, from YOU —

@miltoncross: My question is, what got you involved in Instagram in the first place?

It was Tina actually. We started going on long photo walks when Hipstimatic was new and exciting. We would each pick a different film/lens combo that day, and go shoot, we even printed a collage of our favourites that hangs on our wall at home. One day when searching through the app store I saw Instagram and asked her what it was and if she had it, which she did but never used. I downloaded it, posted a photo of Charlie, and we switched from sharing together on Hipstimatic, to sharing with everyone on IG.

@hannahjubal: Do you intentionally incorporate color theory while shooting your photos?

I don’t actually, but I now feel like I should try! The way I shoot is pretty spur of the moment. I’ll see something that intrigues me, take a couple shots and move on. Im a pretty big noob when it comes to photography. Heck I didn’t even know the rule of 1/3’s until recently.


@davidburnzred: Do you plan your photo walks or are you more of an opportunistic shooter? For example, do you always carry your phone and shoot randomly throughout the day or plan out your walks?

Most of my images come from planned photo walks. We will go walking for hours and come back with a few images that I really like. Our photo walks are most often an excuse to go somewhere we haven’t been in the city or surrounding burbs, so there are always lots of new and interesting things to see. Every once in a while I will see something in my day to day that I want to shoot, but living downtown, I feel like I have exhausted all the interesting stuff there is to see, or at least be inspired by that stuff. Maybe I need to switch things up and go visit you in Philly!

@p_d_y: Have you ever hidden Tina’s phone just prior to a joint walkabout?

haha no! That would be a bad idea, I would never get to leave the house!



Tell us about yourself.

My name is Scott. I live in Vancouver BC with my beautiful girlfriend Tina (@bittadesign) and our little cat Charlie. I’m currently studying to be a Realtor, but I’ve been in sales most of my life. I make music that I license to TV shows. I love camping, fishing and riding my bike. I dislike grocery shopping.


How long have you been on instagram?

I recently had my 1 year birthday.

How many times a day do you post on instagram?

Usually just once.


How are you inspired?

Most often by movies with a very specific visual style. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy most recently blew me away and the opening sequence in Prometheus was pretty great.

What do you love most about instagram?

The community for sure. I can say I have made some genuine friendships, which is pretty cool I think. I’ve had the chance to get together with a few out of town IG’ers and show them around Vancouver, and I know if I visit their cities they would do the same. There are so many places in the world where I feel I now have an IG pal that I could meet up with for some good times. I also love that it’s got me into photography. I don’t own a real camera so I never really thought I would be so into looking everywhere for that perfect shot.


How has IG changed your daily life?

It’s certainly made me look at my city differently. It’s amazing the things you miss when you’re just walking by not paying attention. It’s also been a great way for Tina and I to spend time doing things together. We go on a ton of photo walks and then sit together and edit for hours. I love it.

What do you take pictures of?

Mostly landscapes although I try my hardest to branch out. It’s pretty dictated by my surroundings, I live downtown, near the ocean with a view of the mountains, so there is a mix of nature and cityscapes. I would love to take more portraits and have been trying to do so.


How would you describe your style as an IG photographer/artist?

I guess I would say I was minimalist but I’m not sure I really am. Maybe it’s more like photography Jeet Kune Do, “style without style” as Bruce Lee said. I try to keep clutter and distraction out of my photos, and I try to edit as cleanly and tastefully as possible while still staying within some sort of basic visual cohesiveness.

Who are some of your favorite instagrammers?

Oh dear, there are many, and for many different reasons and I’m sorry I can’t name everyone as I really like all the people I follow. @bittadesign, not only because her photos are amazing, but without her I wouldn’t be on IG in the first place. @davidburnzred is an awesome dude and my best IG friend. @finn, @chrisozer, @kyle_yu, @wattphoto, @croyable, @elixir818, @janske are excellent all the time. @curious2119 seems like the nicest guy around and is basically the IG ambassador. @lachlanpayne is the funniest guy on IG for sure. @safesolvent is a pure original and does his thing like no one else.


How could instagram improve?

I wish they made the news page slightly more advanced. Separate new followers from comments and likes. That’s really about it.

Is there an important photo tool to you that you have yet to see in an app?

I think a more precise straightening tool would be nice. When I’m using snapseed I wish the grid was smaller and there was a way to incrementally adjust degrees. That probably exists in another app though.


What are your 5 favorite photo apps?

Snapseed, CrossProcess, Vscocam, AverageCamPro and Blender

What is the most underrated photo app?



What are your feelings on hashtags?

I know it’s not very cool, but I like hashtags. I still enjoy typing in a hashtag and liking random photos. I love that about IG, the ability to travel anywhere. So I want to be included in that aspect of the community.

Any instagram pet peeves?

My photos don’t get on the pop page, so the follow for a follow thing doesn’t really affect me. My peeves revolve around the general performance of the app. Perhaps that’s just my impatience. Hurry up and load damnit!


How do you choose those you follow?

Consistency, feel, tasteful edits. Sometimes I just really enjoy their interaction with me. I wish I could follow more, but I find it hard to keep up and in contact with the ones I do now!

What do you attribute your follower success to?

A month ago I would have said it was my interaction with people, my frequent likes of random hashtags and being lucky enough to have some very influential IG’ers that follow and support me. Now it’s entirely because I became a suggested user. I’m still in awe of how many new people have showed up in such a short time.


How have you benefited from IG?

I have got a lot more exercise that’s for sure. 4 hour photo walks are not uncommon. Also the friendships I have made I truly value. Tina and I spend much more time together doing something other than sitting around at home as well.

Do you have any other work we can see?

Nope. But you can hear my work on your TV.


Do you want to say anything else?

I love reading you interviews with IG legends and I’m super honoured that you are taking the time to chat with little ol’ me.

Extra Credit:

What do you do to pay the bills?

Sales and music


How do you spend your leisure time?

Camping, bike riding, movies, video games, walking and of course, taking and editing photos.

What musicians speak to you?

Purity Ring, Deftones, Boards of Canada, Cliff Martinez, Dr. Dre, Beach House, Chet Baker, Oddisee, M83, The National. That’s where I am at right now.


Share a happy moment from your childhood.

My father would take me into the mountains every year to go skiing. One trip to Banff we woke up to a very dark, windy and cloudy day. We decided to hit the mountain “Sunshine Village” with the hopes that the weather would clear. Sunshine has a long gondola ride up to the slopes  and about 1/2 way up the ride we came out of the clouds to a perfect, clear sunny day with about 2 feet of freshly fallen powder. The hill was basically empty all day because everyone in town expected the worse.

Give us your 6 word memoir.

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.



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