Interview with Instagram Legend: nois7 Part 1


Robert Jahns
IG Name: nois7
273 Photos
289 Followings
Art Director • Hamburg | GER • AMPt Member

His name might be ordinary but his imagination is rare. Robert Jahns is a magician. He’s Instagram’s Houdini, creating and posting visual trickery that enchants his enormous following –even Tyra Banks — daily. Jahns creations are often collaborations with fellow IG’ers, incorporating backdrops gathered from NYC or borrowing a delicate dancer from a foreign land. But it’s Jahn’s concepts and creative muscle that should be lauded. The scenes he paints for us are bright, glimmering looks into worlds that we’ll never actually visit. Places where children use giraffes for better views of the moon. Places where the color purple is so radiant it melts onto guitars. Places where beds quietly float over fields of sunflowers. His concepts are wildly ambitious but they’re executed flawlessly, usually leaving his viewers in awe. His art produces the same reaction one has when they spend a night watching fireworks. Robert Jahns is and will continue to be, one of Instagram’s most imaginative storytellers. Enter the crazy and kooky world of Instagram legend Nois7.


Handpicked Questions for @nois7:

Why is the number seven in your name?

I was born in 1987 and first I thought about to chose a username like nois87 but that’s not looking modern in my opinion and it doesn’t sound catchy so I decided to just use just the 7. Yes there is absolutely no more deeper reason behind it 😀

You show us a world brimming with fantasy elements and splattered with color, and your creations usually evoke awe and even a sense of joy. Are you a happy person? Would your friends consider you upbeat and even encouraging? Or are your creations not a reflection of your personal attitude at all?

I’m a very happy person and brimful of life. I always try to make people smile or laugh and my friends appreciate that. I’m quite sensible as well, I really pay a lot of attention to things with a deep meaning. Feelings change the life.


You’ve mentioned that you jot down inspiring thoughts or ideas that come to you. Do you mind showing us a glimpse into your pre-production world, the stages before all the grandeur.

Yes sure. First I need the idea. I almost always have a visual of the final image in my head. Sometimes there are the unspectacular moments where I have the best ideas. For example I’m in my lunch hour going through the park and boom I have a new idea in mind without having the purpose. I think about the theme, the main object, the location and the colors. Sometimes I did some simple scribbles to get a feeling for the concept. A lot of things are happening while the process though. There I can see if the vision of the image I had in mind really worked out good.


Have you seen your work duplicated or mimicked yet? And if you have are you flattered or frustrated?

It depends in which way its duplicated. If its only inspired by me and my name is mentioned that’s totally cool and I’m flattered. It’s an absolute pleasure to inspire people and to see that I inspired them to create something, but when I see that they just copy my concepts or even use elements out of my edits its annoying.


You obviously spend a tremendous amount of time in Art Studio assembling your image, but I’m curious as to where you get all the elements in the final photograph. You’ve collaborated with a pool of amazing people on IG, and they’ve lent subjects from their photographs but your final products are so layered I’ve often wondered, “where does he get all these layers?!”. Could you breakdown the collaboration process and how you obtain all your layers?

That’s right I spend a lot of time in creating my images and that is the reason I only post once a day or once in two days. On an average I need 2 hours for an edit. It’s so much fun to collaborate with so many great artists, I’ve learned so much more through this and I met new people I can call friends now.


With the time my editing processes changed and now I try to just focus on one or two main objects and a backdrop. For example when I create a balloon image with a lot of balloons I duplicated and redyed them. The same is working for birds, clouds, trees, mostly everything. Its working best when you simply change the single elements just a little bit, nobody will notice it at the first look. I have some elements in my camera roll as a PNG file which I can blend on my images. Some images are from a trip to a zoo or from holidays which I use for over 1 year now. If its absolutely impossible to get an image but I need it for my creation I search stock images. There are a bunch of free stock image sites or some where you can get images pretty cheap.

Nowadays the collaboration process is almost always the same. I think collaborations are the best way to grow and to get to know great artists in this huge community. There are different ways to collaborate. I’ve evolved more as an editor though, and less as a photographer so the people who want to collaborate with me are asking me to edit one of their shots. When I find a picture that blows me away and where I have a good concept to I ask if I could do an edit. It’s a lot of fun!


Your work can make one think for a long time, to gaze forever, are you hoping to say anything to this new generation with your work?

Wow man that means so much that you think so! Instagram is a huge community and a lot of people don’t really pay attention to the images they scroll through. They don’t read captions or comments. You have to catch someone’s eyes and that is what I try to do with my edits. The people should stop by my images and then they should take their time to think about them. Sometimes the thousand words an image can say have to be read.


Share with us the inspiration behind the new and epic rooftop series.

Hey glad you think its epic! The background is, I bought some new shoes and I wanted to show them in a special way 😀 I did a #fromwhereIstand shot of my shoes and thought about how to make it special, that’s where the rooftops came in. I really love the perspective of this #fromwhereIstand or #fromwhattheysee or #caughtgramming so I decided to play around with all of those on the same spot. The feedback was massive and it was more as amazing to read all the comments, the best is that most people think its real haha, I love it to exalt someones imagination.



Do you have a favorite color?

It changes day by day.

IG Questions:

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Robert Jahns I’m 25 years old Art Director working in an advertising agency from Hamburg, Germay. I’m living together with my better half Galina (@galina90) and I love adventures, to explore the world is the best. I wish I had more time to do that…

I think I did my first shot when I was 15. My father bought a new Digital camera and I went out to see what I could do with it. From then on I got more and more into photography. Creativity is a very important thing for me, in the past I did a lot of music, I played the guitar and the piano in a band. When I was younger and had the time I liked it to draw and when I was 14 my interest in Photoshop was born. I learned how to use Photoshop and did a lot of website programming.


In photography I’m self-taught as well. I think it’s a better way to improve yourself. In my opinion you learn best when you make mistakes. I try to learn from other photographers, I read interviews and watch tutorials. After a certain time I found my personal style in editing and shooting and I was able to reflect this in all my work. I would love to go out and shoot with some Instagram friends, so I can learn new techniques and maybe try to see things different to have a fresh view to it. Too bad I’m from germany and most of those rad dudes are from the states.

How long have you been on Instagram?

I posted my first image on January 28th, 2012.


How many times a day do you post on instagram?

I try to post one image a day but often it’s not possible because my edits are really time consuming.

How are you inspired?

Its everything I see and hear. As said I’m an Art Director so my whole life consists of images, concepts, creativity, editing, music and all things like that. I look on design and photo blogs, I read interviews of those people I look up to, listen to a lot of music and for sure I open Instagram often a day.


What do you love most about instagram?

The collaborations and that it’s possible to connect with new great artists from all over the world.

How has IG changed your daily life?

I always try to get a great shot wherever I am which I could use for an edit. I always challenge myself with my edits, to have new ideas and concepts is important for me and not always easy. The way to think creative improved with the time.


What do you take pictures of?

Single elements and objects which I can combine to create one image.

How would you describe your style as an IG photographer/artist?

Hmm that’s difficult. I try to make dreams become reality in my creations. Maye you can call it fine art photography or conceptual photography.


Who are some of your favorite instagramers?


… and many more.

How could instagram improve?

Now where the most Spam issues are resolved its great as it is.


Is there an important photo tool to you that you have yet to see in an app?

I experimented around with a lot of apps and after all I found everything I need to create my images.

What are your 5 favorite photo apps?

ArtStudio (from Lucky Clan), Snapseed, Afterglow, PicFX, Camera+ and I have to mention Average Camera Pro as well, there are so many great apps out there.


What is the most underrated photo app?

I think its Afterglow, its new to the market and you have a lot of possibilities within this app. It’s like Snapseed and VSCOcam in one app, very cool!

What are your feelings on hashtags?

When I started with Instagram I used all the best known hashtags till the limit of 30 tags for one image 😀 Now I only use specific tags to promote them or if there’s a contest or project I like to participate.


Any instagram pet peeves?

Nope not really.

How do you choose those you follow?

They should be kind of an inspiration to me.


What do you attribute your follower success to?

Hmm I think it’s the constant quality of my posts, I’m an active user and I love it to collaborate.
As well I was featured by many groups and people, its so amazing to get all this support, I’m flattered!

How have you benefited from IG?

I met a lot of great new artists, I got interviewed several times which is always a huge honor to see that people are interested to know more about me. Oh and I worked together with Tyra Banks, yes that felt totally unreal for me 😀


Do you have any other work we can see?

You can find a portfolio with some of the stuff I create at work on
Actually I’m working on a children’s book. Still a lot work to do but I’m very excited to finish it cos I’m going to spend a specific amount to poor children.

Do you want to say anything else?

Secretly I wished to be interviewed by you since I created an Instagram account 😀 So cool to have this chance now, thank you for the interest its an honor!


What do you do to pay the bills?

I’m an Art Director working in an advertising agency.

How do you spend your leisure time?

The most important person is my girlfriend, I love her and I love it to spend every free second with her. Surely I create my images in my leisure time.


What musicians speak to you?

Caspian, Vanilla and I love the Youtube Channel of Majesticcasual.


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